First Love Never Dies.

"Fun, gory, yet emotionally resonant. With a  talented cast, well timed jokes, and blood spraying everywhere, Clinger is an unconventional and exciting film that doesn't forget the serious themes it is depicting. Surprisingly and highly recommended." - Ain't it Cool News
"Weird, hilarious, bloody - this under-the-radar gem might just prove to be a cult classic" - The Examiner
"Refreshingly touching... comes close to ranking up there with 500 Days of Summer, Swingers, even Annie Hall as a comfort film to turn to after an unfavorable breakup." - Culture Crypt
"Clinger is a hit! A wildly funny, entertaining, and morbid ride you won't see coming. 9/10" - Horror Society
"Smart and funny as hell." - Horror Underground
"Feels like a John Hughes film written by a sadistic cruel madman. The sleeper film of the year. What a f*cking blast!" - Wicked Channel
"This extraordinary tribute to 80's horror will make you laugh till you die." - SLUG Magazine
"Clinger really says something about love, and the power of obsession, in a way that is universally appealing and frightening." - AMFM Magazine
"A stunning debut feature. Clinger is a hilarious mish-mash of genre tropes: slasher movie, ghost story, comedy, and action-adventure." - Nerdly
"The humor of the film strikes a chord... in a big way." - Fangoria
"Destined for cult status." - Houston Chronicle
"A Hitchcockian and Raimi-ish combination of hilarity and horror all rolled up into the most entertaining cinematic enchilada you will see this year." - Lloyd Kaufman, Troma
"It is refreshing to see a female lead who is kind and funny, but, crucially, not moping after some boy or another... Horror and comedy enjoy an entertainingly bad romance in Clinger. 4/4 stars." - Movie Waffler
"Behind all the hilarity and gory fun, there is actually a deep, emotional, melancholic core to Clinger." - Film Colossus
"A surprisingly bittersweet teen comedy with a healthy dose of supernatural horror as the icing on the cake. With plenty of legitimately funny humor and some hefty themes, Clinger has plenty of heart." - UK Horror Scene